Target Markets

Our Focus

Projexsys’ sales and marketing focus is to enable Industrial Software OEMs and Industrial System Builders, who serve a wide variety of industrial markets, to rapidly develop flexible machine-to-person, machine-to-machine, and person-to-person collaborative applications utilizing HyperUA™.

Projexsys plans to go to market exclusively through Software OEMs and System Builders. Our partners will use HyperUA to tailor Web apps that enable their own End Users and System Integrators to “Connect OPC directly to the Web!”


“Connect OPC directly to the Web!” ™

Target Applications

In particular, we believe that highly distributed Oil & Gas and Electrical Grid SCADA applications are market segments that will make extensive use of Projexsys’ HyperUA technology. Other target applications include Asset Monitoring and Maintenance Management, especially for remotely located equipment and applications.