Projexsys and the Industrial Internet

By Mike Bradley, Sr.HyperUA, Industrial Internet, Industrial Web, Open Source, , , , , , , , With 0 comments

In the video interview below, GE Chief Economist Marco Annunziata discusses the economics behind the Industrial Internet and why it will have a truly revolutionary economic impact on the scale of the Industrial Revolution.

Projexsys believes that the Industrial Internet will be led by linking industrial plants and factories directly to the Web.

We believe that software like our HyperUA™ product will lead the way in “Powering the Industrial Web”™ because it seamlessly extends OPC UA applications with a Web API according to the REST architectural style, which essentially governs the behavior of the Web’s global participants.

Projexsys also believes that by open sourcing many elements of HyperUA client software — for both user-facing apps and headless “agent” programs — Industrial Internet knowledge workers will see rapid development of secure and job empowering capabilities for the mobile and desktop devices they use everyday at home and at work.

As Web-enabled wearable computers (Google Glass, wristband computers, etc.) rapidly evolve and gain market acceptance, our partners’ customers will be able to easily and securely interact with their Industrial Plant Floor information systems, as well as their MES and ERP Systems, since with HyperUA it’s possible to “Connect OPC directly to the Web!”