Open Source Sample Clients for HyperUA

By Mike Bradley, Sr.HyperUA, Open Source, , With 0 comments

Projexsys is excited to announce that we have open sourced two of our sample clients used to demo RESTful Web connectivity to OPC applications via HyperUA™.

This initial batch includes our iOS “native app” client and a Node.js client used to demonstrate programmatic hypermedia traversal.

Future open source releases will include our Windows 8 visualizer app and a Node.js based “agent” which bi-directionally connects HyperUA’s hypermedia API with Xively’s Internet of Things API.

Please bookmark Projexsys’ GitHub account and stay tuned for forthcoming announcements of additional open source samples and tools.

While HyperUA itself is not open source, Projexsys is committed to leveraging, publishing and contributing to open source software — allowing our partners to rapidly learn and build upon HyperUA’s API to usher in a new era of Industrial Web applications.