The Road Ahead

By Mike Bradley, Sr.HyperUA, Industrial Web, OPCWith 0 comments

Projexsys is an innovative industrial software company that has recently completed Phase I development of HyperUA™, a software product which seamlessly and securely integrates OPC UA standard services with RESTful Web technologies.

We are now looking for a limited number of Industrial Software OEMs and Industrial Systems Builders to partner with, in order to fully commercialize our HyperUA offerings in Phase II development.

Our roadmap for 2013 includes development by our business partners of several apps and clients that will consume HyperUA’s API. These partners will then license HyperUA to their own End Users and System Integrators, along with their proprietary, market-specific, HyperUA-backed software.

Our 2013 roadmap also involves heavy in-house development, which we’re looking to fortify with design insights and cooperation from our early business partners. Our efforts will entail:

  • Achieving 100% coverage of OPC UA standard services, so that (authorized) RESTful Web clients can perform any and all service calls as defined by the OPC UA specifications.
  • Fully developing HyperUA’s system of configurable “roles” and “privileges” to control Web clients’ access to OPC UA back-ends. This roles system is complementary to the access control and connection security mechanisms native to OPC UA and to which HyperUA also fully conforms.
  • Providing for high-grade SSL / TLS encrypted communication between a HyperUA server and its Web clients. This will be the strictly enforced, default mode for HyperUA communications. SSL / TLS is the same standards-based mechanism used by banks and other businesses to secure their e-commerce transactions.
  • Development of a Web-based “explorer” app that will enable human users to graphically browse, query and manipulate OPC UA back-ends via HyperUA’s API, from a desktop or mobile browser. This app will be paired with an auxiliary REST service that will allow arbitrary HyperUA resources (e.g. several nodes and monitored items spread across multiple HyperUA servers and OPC UA address spaces) to be logically grouped, annotated and made addressable from a single HTTP URI and QR code.
  • Integrating HyperUA’s server-side runtime with Nashorn, allowing custom JavaScript-based agents (server-side) and apps (client-side) to be deployed, hosted and managed on HyperUA instances (in the plant or Cloud, or both) through an auxiliary REST API. Such agents and apps will be used to programmatically “mash up” and/or relay between disparate data sources, including HyperUA’s own API, to create rich Industrial Web™ applications. This feature will then serve as the basis for a more extensible and customizable HyperUA “explorer”, allowing our partners to use that app as a robust template and lab for developing their own market-specific solutions.
  • Fully hardening the HyperUA design for both high volume and high concurrency.
  • Implementing a Web-based notifications service for HyperUA deployments, allowing Web clients to optionally subscribe to low latency “push” messages which correspond to OPC UA subscriptions, monitored items, and notifications already addressable on a “pull” basis via HyperUA’s REST API.
  • Implementing a secure, OEM-able Plant-to-Cloud syndication service for inter-enterprise and global integration of Industrial Web services, alerts, collaboration and reporting.

Projexsys is looking to partner with three to four Industrial Software OEMs and Industrial System Builders during Phase II as we work to fulfill our roadmap over the next six to twelve months.

Longer term we plan on implementing HyperUA equivalents or adapters for non-OPC systems with strong correspondence to the data and services models of OPC UA. These may include IEC 61850, MTConnect, and other industry standards.

Let me know if your company may be interested in partnering with us.