Our Vision

By Mike Bradley, Sr.HyperUA, Industrial Web, OPCWith 0 comments

Projexsys’ vision for HyperUA™ is that it will serve as a tool and platform which strongly complements OPC UA by providing a flexible and secure means of linking plant data to the hundreds of millions of RESTful Web devices and services in use around the world — mobile phones and tablets, embedded systems, desktop browsers, data analysis and prediction services, supply chain management services, and many more!

Projexsys’ business model is to partner with Industrial Software OEMs and Industrial System Builders. During Phase II Development in 2013, Projexsys is looking to partner with three to four leaders in those markets. Our early partners will have the development capability to build apps and clients that will consume HyperUA’s API. In turn, those apps and clients will enable our partners’ own End Users and System Integrators to “Connect OPC directly to the Web!”

Following full commercialization of HyperUA in 2014, Projexsys will forge additional partnerships with Software OEMs and System Builders. Projexsys’ business model does not plan to compete with our business partners.

Let me know if your company may be interested in partnering with us during Phase II or possibly later.