Let Us Demonstrate

By Mike Bradley, Sr.HyperUA, Industrial Web, OPCWith 0 comments

We’ve been hard at work at cooking up some exciting demos of HyperUA™ features and functionality.

These include videos that:

  • Give an overview of HyperUA design principals and show HyperUA at work.
  • Provide an in-depth look at how HyperUA connects to OPC UA data sources, and how HyperUA works in several desktop browsers and mobile devices.
  • Show HyperUA’s use of QR codes to link a mobile device directly to the Web representation of a node in an OPC UA address space.
  • Provide examples of “native app” clients consuming HyperUA’s API, including an iOS device and a Windows 8 device.

Please review the demos section of our website, and let me know if your company may be interested in partnering with us.